How to up your sales?

In person sales (IPS) is the new way to bring your sales to the next level. 
We only have limited time to do photoshoots and there comes a point that you can not do more photoshoots than what you are already doing. So how can you continue growing your business? By upping your sales. 

IPS is a very good way to do just that. So which tools can help you with IPS?


The reveal wall

For people who don't know this yet; the reveal wall is a concept by Sue Bryce (check out her website you will love it). The reveal wall basically is a wall full of photos. 
After you have done your photoshoot and editing, you print your photos and place them in slip in mats. Then you place the mats on your reveal wall (or any other construction you have for displaying your photos). You bring over your customers for a buying session and as a surprise, they see their beautiful photos displayed on the wall. Because this brings a surprise element in your session they guaranteed will be blown away by the outcome. They would want to have them all. It is a great way to show clients how their photos look like printed and they can directly take their pictures home. 


The slip in mats also fit in folioboxes. Which first of all is a beautiful product to show and keep your photography in and second of all it is also a great way to sell your photos. Meet with your clients in person and once you are coming to the point of showing their pictures you give them the box and they can unpack the box by themselves. Taking out their picture one by one makes it really tangible and they get attached to their photos way more than by just viewing them on a computer screen. Sell all the photos together with the box to up your sell. 

Wall Art

Wall art is a perfect addition to up your sale. Take a leap of faith and print your favorite photo of your client's session and place it in a matboard in a frame or on a canvas. Showcase it together with your reveal wall or with the foliobox and there is no way they can leave that wall art behind. Most of the people want to print out their photos but either don't know a good place where to do this, don't have the time or keep procrastinating it. Having it done for them makes it much easier and makes the step way smaller to buy wall art from you. 

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