How to slip in your photo

Slip in mats are the solution for displaying your photos. First of all, you don't need to use any glue anymore to paste the front and the back together. Which saves you tons of time. Second of all, you can reuse them. Which is really handy when you don't sell all your photos and you want to use the mats again for your next photoshoot. 

But, it does is easy to know how exactly you can slip in your mats the best way. We made sure that your photos will not slide down when you put them up straight and all you need to do is slip in your photo. 

See here two techniques how you can do this. Some people prefer to print their photos with a white border. This is because then they can touch their photo on the white border and not on the photo itself. When this is your preferred way then we advise you to use technique number two to slip in your photo. If you don't print your photos like this we advise technique number one. Just because this is faster and easier, your photo will slide in smoother. With both techniques, it is not necessary to put a lot of pressure on your photo. Just make sure you slide it and keep it in the middle and then it will go well. 





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