Choose the best size mat for your print

We get quite a lot of questions on which size of slip in matboard would suit the best for a certain size of a print. 

We would love to explain to you our sizes and which mat would be best for your print. 


Step 1

First of all, you might like to choose which outer size you would like to sell. Do you have a box or frame that fits 11x14'' mats or 10x8'' mats? If it fits 10x8'' mats then the optimum print size is 7x5'' or 13x18 cm. This way the print slides in the easiest and the matboard cut out shows the most of your print. 

Step 2

If you want to sell the 11x14'' matboards then you can determine which cut out you would like.

If you prefer an even border on all sides then we advise the cutout 10x7''. The even borders on this mat make this mat so popular. However, if you place a print of 12x8'' or 20x30 cm in this mat then, because of the cut-out, the mat will not show all of your print and you will have a lot of image loss. So with this cut-out, we advise to print your photo on 12x8'' paper but with the actual image being 10x7'' or 20x25 cm. This way your photo will stay in its place but without image loss. 

If you want to have the largest image display as possible the 12x8'' cut out would be the best for you. This mat doesn't have even borders but does show the most of your image. Print your image in the size 12x18'' or 20x30 cm (a4) and it will not move and have the optimum measurements for this mat.

The 10x8'' cut out is a bit in between of the previous cut outs. If you want to show quite a bit of your image but want to have the illusion of even borders than this mat is for you. It does not have exactly even borders but does show more of your photo than the 10x7 cutout. Print your photo 10x8'' or 20x25 cm to get the most out of your photo. You can also choose to print it at 12x8'' or 20x30 cm but then you will have some loss of your image. 

If you have any questions regarding sizing, cut outs, or prints please send us a message. We would love to help you with all your needs. 

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